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Our work does not stop there, though. We continue with you offering ongoing maintenance, creative and consultation.  

Bryan grew up in his families independent floor covering store seeing first hand the needs and challenges that affect many of the clients he serves today.  

He has designed and developed the creative-both on air and digitally for over 25 Radio Stations and has been involved in the building of 7 Radio Stations from the ground up.  

Bryan and his Jennifer live in Southern Ohio. He has one son, William, who plans to attend College to be involved in Film.  

Fowler Media Partners
Bryan K. Fowler,  Principal-Fowler Media Partners
Bryan Fowler has been developing, branding and building successful Radio Stations and Media Campaigns for over 2 decades.  

Bryan has an out of the box, Maverick approach that empowers his clients to make bold, decisive, creative and passionate Marketing Decisions allowing them to excel in their field and professionally stand out against their competition. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. 99% of the time you will deal with Bryan, personally. 

Bryan develops the Business Proforma, completes an Action Plan and in most cases facilitates all of the creative. Most plans include in depth revenue generation plans in which Bryan also participates both through training with the client and employees as well as generating revenue, personally. 

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